Links to suppliers and useful sources of information



Laser pointers

Roithner Laser diodes, modules,photodiodes, lenses, power meters and filters

DB6NT Laser diode modules

Greenweld Fresnel lenses,lenses, general mechanical and electronic bits and pieces


Other web sites of interest

KA7OEI's web pages Very comprehensive

The Australian Optical DX Yahoo Group

Laser Reflector mailing list info

G0MRF's laser projects Full of project info

G7JTT's laser station See John's PWM circuit

G8LSD's laser comms activities

Tim Toast's optical pages Look out for G8CYW's optical transceiver design

K3PGP's site Lots of info on Tx, Rx and cloudbounce

Yves' site on French activity

Finish activity

David Johnson's site see "The Handbook of Optical Through the Air Communications"

G8AGN's laser comms activities

G8AGN's LED comms activities

Active filter design Easy to use guide from TI



Discussion of the safe viewing distance for a laser

Estimate the path capability of a laser system